CENTURY’s Spring Challenge is running from 27th Feb - 27th March 2022. To help promote learning on CENTURY and the competition, check out the downloadable, printable resources below:

How results are calculated:

In order to rank our organisations we have carefully considered the fairest method, which is to look at the number of questions answered per active student. This is to reflect the huge range in the size of organisations, even within each of the different categories, in the CENTURY family.

To calculate this we have estimated the student user base in a way to get a fair balance between those with a wide but less intensive use and ones where only a small proportion of students use the platform very extensively. There are many ways to measure usage and you may wish to do it differently for your own competitions, do draw on your account manager for support.


We hope you enjoy the competition! 


Overall questions answered: This is the rounded total number of questions answered by students in your organisation within each specified week. This includes questions from all nuggets, including skipped questions and incomplete nuggets.


Average questions answered: This is calculated by dividing the number of overall questions answered by the user base.


User base: This is an organisation's estimated user base, based on active students this term and the maximum students in the organisation.


Category: This is the grouping of organisations according to the number of active students and key stage/organisation type.