What is this for?

The indicator contextualises a student's overall score in a subject by comparing how they have performed on those nuggets relative to other students working on CENTURY.

Why is it useful?

Nuggets vary in difficulty, so a student may achieve high scores by completing easier nuggets or vice-versa. This metric seeks to strip out some of the noise and give an indication of student performance.

How is it calculated

This score is then normalised for the age of the student and the intended age of the materials. Scores are amalgamated for each subject (English, maths and science)


Students are placed into one of six bands to show where they are relative to other students on the CENTURY platform.

Confidence rating

We also provide a confidence measure against which to consider this metric. Two factors feed into this:

1) The number of nuggets a student has studied in that subject. If they have completed a large number of nuggets we would be more confident in this metric.

2) The number of times those nuggets have been completed by other students. The more they have been completed by others, the more confident we can be of the relative difficulty of that nugget.

Where the confidence rating is 'low', we have not included the banding for the student.

How do I access this?

Currently, this metric is being produced on a periodic basis by the data science team and shared with you via your account manager. We are looking at ways to make this available on a regular basis or on the platform.

What can I use this for?

At CENTURY we strongly believe in providing teachers and leaders with tools and data to use as they think best. This metric could be used to engage students for praise or feedback; for teachers to consider when selecting nuggets for students or for data analysis by senior leaders to understand class performance.

Average scores

Alongside this information, you will find the student’s average score for that subject and number of attempted nuggets. These may vary slightly from what is visible in the Leadership Dashboard as this metric does not include diagnostics and includes nuggets to courses to which students may no longer be assigned.

Estimated Year Group

The estimated year group column is calculated based on the date of birth we have listed for a student on the platform. Using this date of birth, a student will be listed as the year group that links with the national curriculum. So if a student's date of birth is the 30th of September 2010, their estimated year group will be Year 6.