AQA has announced which topics will be assessed in the GCSE Science exams this summer. 

Based on the information provided by AQA, CENTURY has made custom courses with nuggets covering the topics that we believe will be assessed this summer and nuggets which contain fundamental or contextual knowledge for these topics.

We recommend to un-assign the standard GCSE courses from your students who are due to sit their exams this summer and replace that course with one of the new courses below, all prefixed with Y2022:

For a reminder on how to un-assign and re-assign a new course, please click here. 

We have created new courses for combined and separate sciences, for both the Higher and Foundation papers. Please assign the relevant course to your learners based on the exams they will sit. 

These courses should only be assigned to students who are sitting their summer GCSE exams in 2022. All other students should continue on the standard course in preparation for their exams next academic year, as the new courses are only designed for the summer 2022 AQA exams.

Please see the below links for further detailed information on the changes to the AQA Science exams:

AQA GCSE Science Summer Exam Series Updates 2022

An analysis of the AQA GCSE Science Exam changes 2022

Please note, these courses have been created based on our professional opinion after interpreting all the available information and have not been endorsed by AQA.