We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. These can be the result of many factors. Typically, you can get the best experience with CENTURY, and minimise issues, by following these recommendations: 

  • Refresh the page when an issue occurs

  • Use CENTURY on a single tab

  • Clear your cache or use in a private ‘incognito’ tab

  • Ensure you are using a compatible device/browser - remember CENTURY is not (yet!) compatible with mobile phones.

  • If using on a tablet, make sure its in landscape mode


CENTURY is compatible with tablets and desktop computers which are currently supported by the following browsers:




Chrome (Desktop)


latest (89+)

Chrome (Android)


latest (89+)

Microsoft Edge


latest (89)

Safari (Desktop)


latest (14)

Safari (iOS)


latest (14)

To check the version of your browser please click here

To check your internet speed, please click here.

To find out how to clear your cache, please click here. 

Reporting Glitches:

If this problem persists, please follow the below steps to ‘inspect’ your browser so our tech team can look in more detail. It may look a little technical but takes around 1 minute to perform.
  1. Return to the area of the platform experiencing the problem
  2. Right click on the screen and select ‘Inspect’ 
  1. Select ‘Console’
  2. Take a screenshot of the information displayed — you may need to scroll down
  3. Send this back to us