Assigning a course:

To get your students up and running using CENTURY you will need to assign a course to the class. This is an important step as otherwise students' CENTURY pages will be blank. 

To assign a course select the class admin tab:

Select the class, then select the assign course button in the top right of the page. A window will open with all of the courses available on CENTURY. You can then multi select the courses you wish to set to the class. Once you have finalised the courses you wish to assign select Assign:

Removing a course:

To remove a course from a class go into your class admin tab and select the class in question.

Under assign course, you will see all the courses assigned to that class, to remove a course just select the icon on the far right. 


This will not delete the data generated on that course but it will mean the students in that class no longer have access to the course.