If you click on the pictures in this article, you will be redirected to the relevant help pages for that tab on CENTURY.

My Path: this tab mirrors what your students will see on their homepage including assignments set and nuggets set via the Planner.

My Courses: via this tab you will see all of the courses assigned to your classes exactly how the students would see them in their My Courses tab.

Teacher Dashboard: the Teacher Dashboard is where you can monitor your classes' usage, from class overview through to question-level analysis.

Content Library: in the Content Library tab, you can see all of the courses available to you on CENTURY. If you click into a course, you will see all of the strands, nuggets and diagnostics that make up that course. If you click into these nuggets you can see all of the learning material as well as the assessment questions. 

My Planner: the Planner tab allows you to set work for students via their pathway. Setting a nugget via the planner will push it to the front of a student's pathway. 

Assignments: the Assignments tab allows you to set both nuggets and tasks to classes and individual students. Work set via the Assignments tab will not appear in the pathway but will appear under 'due assignments' on the student's homepage. 

Class Admin: the Class Admin tab is where you assign courses to your classes. You can also add or remove students and teachers to your classes. You will also be able to change student passwords and access their usernames via this tab.