CENTURY has many courses available to you at many different levels! 

Course clash is what occurs when students have multiple courses across different levels assigned to their classes eg. Primary mathematics - Year 4 and Primary mathematics - Year 5 or Mathematics - Secondary - Foundation and Mathematics - Secondary - Foundation +.

To avoid course clash, students should only be assigned one level of course across all of their classes, so if a student is assigned Mathematics - Secondary - Foundation in one class, this should be the only maths course they have assigned across all of their classes. If a student is assigned multiple courses across different levels this will cause a clash. Course clash can result in students seeing  two sets of diagnostics in their path. This could confuse students and can affect CENTURY's recommendations.

If you have a student that should be on a different level of course to the rest of their class, we recommend creating a separate class for them and assigning that class the appropriate course.

To browse all of CENTURY’s courses or if you are unsure on which course to assign to your students, you can find our guides here.