Please see our guidance on how to create your CSV files below:

1. Click into the Class Admin tab (last tab down on the left-hand panel) and then on the ‘onboarding’ heading.

2. Select ‘download CSV template’ and download one for students and one for teachers.

3. Fill in the templates with staff and student details. 

  • Mandatory fields for students are: UPN and/or school email address (but both would be ideal if you have them), first name, last name, date of birth, classes, and gender. 

  • Mandatory fields for teachers are: first name, last name, school email address, and classes. 

When filling in the classes field, please list class names separated by a semicolon - e.g. Class A;Class B

If you are choosing a generic password for your students and teachers, you will need to ensure that the password is 8 characters long or more. 

4. Once the CSVs have been filled in, select ‘new import’ and choose the academic year that you want to upload the CSVs for. Click ‘upload’.

Please note if a student or teacher is listed on a second CSV, the classes they are placed in will over-write the classes from the previous CSV upload. As such, you will need to append all new classes for a student or teacher onto the classes listed in their first CSV upload.