Adding the Guardian Onboarding tab 

To onboard your School’s Guardians en-masse, you will need to notify your CENTURY Account Manager who will add the Guardian onboarding feature to your organisation's CENTURY account. Once added, you will then be able to see the Guardian onboarding tab under the class admin section of your CENTURY. Only users with manager permissions will be able to see this tab once it is enabled. If any additional users in your organisation require access to this tab please contact your CENTURY Account Manager to grant the necessary permission.

  1. Log into your CENTURY account and navigate to the class Class Admin 

  2. Select Guardian onboarding tab

  3. Select ‘download file’. This will download a list of all students and any guardians already onboarded. The file will be broken down as follows, the letters referring to the column headers;

  1. User ID - This is the learner's unique CENTURY ID 

  2. Student Email - Student’s email  (will show if onboarded with)

  3. Student UPN- Student's unique pupil number (will show if onboarded with)

  4. Student username - Student's CENTURY username (may be email)

  5. Student Date of Birth - (dd/mm/yyyy)

  6. Student First Name

  7. Student Last Name 

These columns are exported directly from CENTURY and show a comprehensive list of all onboarded students.  

  1. Student Email Ref

  2. Student UPN Ref

  3. Student Username Ref

  4. Student DOB Ref

  5. Student First Name 

  6. Student Last Name 

Columns H to M are mandatory fields that need to be filled in. You will need to input the data for each learner, including the email/upn (if onboarded with) the CENTURY username, DOB, first name and last name. When onboarding, this information is used to match the newly added data to an existing learner on the system, and also confirm the correct Guardian information for the correct child.  

  1. Guardian 1 Email 

  2. Guardian 1 First Name 

  3. Guardian 1 Surname 

  4. Guardian 2 Email 

  5. Guardian 2 First Name 

  6. Guardian 2 Surname 

These columns are where you will add Guardian details. Email, first name and last name are all required. 

Please note

  • If your learner only has 1 Guardian you can leave Guardian 2 blank. 

  • If your Guardian 1 and Guardian 2 have the same email address just add the details for one of the Guardians in columns N to P and leave Guardian 2 blank.

4. When you have added the student ref column information from columns H - M, and you have added your guardian data in columns N to P, you will then be ready to upload your file.

5. Select “upload” and upload your completed Guardian file.

6. Your CENTURY Account Manager will then be notified that your file has been uploaded.

Upon uploading this file to CENTURY, we will assume this data is correct and ready for import. Your CENTURY Account Manager will spot check the data for any obvious errors and will revert back to you before onboarding if any errors are noticed. However, we will assume all due diligence has been done concerning the file at the point of upload and will upload if all appears correct. If any issue arises from this Guardian data your CENTURY account manager will triage with you. 

7. Once onboarded, your Guardians will receive an email from CENTURY to create a password for their account. You can view the email they receive here. Guardians shall then be able to log into their account and view their child/children's progress on CENTURY.