Learner Dashboard

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  • The Overview tab:
  • Time spent on CENTURY
  • Work completed
  • My Courses tab

The Overview tab

On this page, you can see an overview of your learners learning activity on CENTURY. 

Time spent on CENTURY

You can view how much time a learner has spent completing work on CENTURY using the My Learning Activity chart. This can be time stamped so you can have a look at how long they have spent on the platform in a particular time period. 

You can also see which days they have accessed the platform and completed work: 

Work completed:

You can see the nuggets a learner has recently completed on the platform, the date that they completed the nugget, their score and the time spent on that nugget:

You will also see an overview of your learners progress in all of their assigned courses, including how much of the course they have completed, how much time they have spent on the course and their average score on that course so far. 

Finally, the overview tab will suggest a nugget CENTURY thinks will help learners improve. 

My Courses tab:

The Courses tab gives you more of an in-depth overview of your learners progress in a specific course. 

To change the course you are looking at, use the blue highlighted bar under the students name.

The blue bars in the graph on the right show you how they have done across all the nuggets in that course. You can hover over the smaller bars to see which nuggets would be good to try again.  

By scrolling down the dashboard, you can identify areas for improvement and areas to stretch with. These can be used to inform areas to support the learner in and areas they could access for independent learning.  More detail on this can be found here.

On the right hand side of the courses page, you can view the results your learner has achieved in their completed nuggets. Clicking on each heading in the table will enable you to filter the results according to your preference, for example 'Last Attempt'.

Finally, to look at the results for a specific nugget or diagnostic and to analyse the answers given to specific questions, you can click on the nugget/diagnostic name and this will bring up the question level analysis.

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