A task is a freeform activity teachers can set for students which can then be marked by the teacher.

Click on the Assignments tab and then select Create Assignment in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

Next, give a title for the assignment and select Task under Type. Choose the subject, level and difficulty of the assignment and input the total marks that can be earned. Click Create. 

The new window is where the task is built. Click on the blue + icon to view the options to add an equation, image or video. To free type, click on the right of the blue + and wait for the cursor to start flashing. 

There is also the option to Attach file, Record audio or Record video at the bottom of the white section. Once your assignment has been set up, select Publish. 

Select the blue Assign button and then choose whether the assignment is for a class or individual students by clicking on the options on the top of the window. 

Once the class/es or student/s have been selected, scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose the due date. Having done this, click Assign.


Below are some important things to remember when using assignments:

  1. Assignments are still accessible from the student's ‘My Path’ page for 2 weeks after the due date. After which they can still be completed but are only accessible via ‘My Assignments’
  2. Assignments only appear in the path 2 weeks before their due date. But are accessible via ‘My Assignments’ at any time