You can set nuggets for students with a due date using Assignments. You can also use this tool to assign nuggets to individual students rather than a whole class.

Click on the Assignments tab: 

Select Create Assignment in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Next, give a title for the assignment and select nuggets under type. Choose the subject and level of the assignment and then click Create:

Make sure the subject and course fields are filtered before clicking create, as this will make selecting your nuggets easier, as only the course and level appropriate nuggets will appear.

To choose the nuggets you want to set, select Add Nuggets and then either search by Nugget Name or Subject followed by Course. To preview the material in the nuggets that appear in the search list, select the boxed arrow icon on the right of each nugget. To select the nugget, simply click on the nugget name and then press Add Nugget.

Press Add Nuggets and then select Publish if the assignment is ready to be set. Please note once an assignment is published, changes can not be made. 

Select the blue Assign button and then choose whether the assignment is for a class or student by clicking on the options on the top of the window. Once the class/es or student/s have been selected, scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose the due date. Having done this, click Assign.

Below are some important things to remember when using assignments:

  1. Assignments are still accessible from the student's ‘My Path’ page for 2 weeks after the due date. After which they can still be completed but are only accessible via ‘My Assignments’
  2. Assignments only appear in the path 2 weeks before their due date. But are accessible via ‘My Assignments’ at any time