1. To onboard a Guardian for a particular learner, first navigate to Class Admin

  2. Click on the Students tab to search and select the student

  3. Select “add guardian”

  4. You will be prompted to add the Guardian’s email address 

  5. First and Last names will then need to be entered before clicking “add” 

  6. The Guardian you have onboarded will receive an email from CENTURY to set up a password for their newly created account

  7. Upon logging in, the Guardian will be able to see their child/children's dashboard 

Please note:

  • If the learner has another Guardian they wish to add, repeat the process from step 4. Any learner can have a maximum of 2 Guardians. 

  • If the Guardian has more than one child at the school, add their email for any other children and they will receive an email to notify them of each addition.