CSV onboarding for assessment cohorts

Modified on Fri, 18 Aug 2023 at 02:25 PM

In order for learners to sit an initial assessment, they must be added to an assessment cohort. This is a type of class and can be set up within the Class Admin tab by those that have a teacher account with manager permissions.

Assessment cohorts can be created either manually or via a CSV file.

To create a cohort manually, take the following steps:

1. Go to 'Class Admin'

2. Click the 'Assessment Cohorts' tab

3. Click '+ Create a cohort'

4. Enter the name and academic year for the cohort


If you have the required data about a learner in advance of the assessment day, continue with the process below. If you need to create an account for a learner instantly, you can use Class Code as your method of onboarding. Speak to your Account Manager ahead of time who will be happy to advise further on this approach.

To onboard learners for initial assessment via CSV file, click ‘download CSV template’, then select ‘CSV Template for Assessments’. A CSV template will download to your computer. Please fill in the template with a row per learner, listing the information as below.

UPN: Include the learner’s student number plus a suffix for your organisation, for example S1324444BBP (contact your Account Manager for more information about this). If you do not have this information, leave the field blank. 

Email: Include the learner’s organisation email address where possible. If unavailable, include a different email address and the organisation one can be added later. 

Assessment Cohort: List the name of the assessment cohort you would like the learner to be added too. You may wish to name cohorts using the date of assessment, course level, vocation or employer for apprenticeships. 

Password: If you have included an organisation email address, and emails are hosted by Google or Microsoft Office 365, learners will be able to log in using the single sign-on buttons. As a result, there is no need to include a password. Otherwise, list a password with a minimum of 8 characters. 

Birth date: Use DD/MM/YYYY format

Gender: (Non-mandatory field) Use F, M or leave blank

Ethnicity: (Non-mandatory field) free text

SEN status: (Non-mandatory field) free text

Once the template is complete, upload the file by clicking ‘New Import’, ‘Import student CSV’. Choose the file from your computer and upload. Files will appear as ‘pending’, and will be processed by the team at CENTURY within one working day. 

NB: Assessment CSVs are additive - they will not remove learners from cohorts or classes by overwriting data, so there is no need to list all of a learner's classes in the assessment CSV file. 

Video: CSV Templates for Assessments Guide

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