Under the Overview Tab of the teacher dashboard, you are able to:

  • See the amount of time spent, nuggets completed and questions answered, with a customisable time stamp.
  • View data at many levels: for all courses; by subject (e.g. science, maths) and by sub-topics (e.g. physics, multiplication tables). For example, you are able to access the total amount of time your class has spent working on science across all 3 subjects without having to break it down by course as long as all of the courses are assigned to your class.

  • You can also see all of the courses assigned to your class on the right hand side and each student's average score across all subjects - you may click on these to see the courses view for each course.
  • You can click onto students' names to access their individual dashboards.



In order to break down the data by an individual subject, just select the applicable subject along the top:



It is also possible to timestamp the Class Activity section, just select the drop down menu where you can choose from a number of options including a custom range:



At any point you are looking at a student's data, you can click into their name to view the students’ individual dashboards. You can find an article on the student dashboard here