CENTURY's Smart IA is a brand new Functional Skills assessment for both maths and English*. If you are not yet familiar, here is some key information about the new feature:

  • Adaptive tests designed to maximise the accuracy of the result, whilst keeping testing time to 20-30 minutes per assessment (depending on the learner)

  • Extremely simple to create assessments for large cohorts of learners in just a few steps

  • Intuitive results across five levels, from E1-L2, which give you a precise measure of ability and a readiness score within that level

  • Thoughtfully designed experience for learners with an assessment interface which prioritises accessibility and simplicity for those with limited IT skills

  • Downloadable results which includes the learner’s details, the assessment name, the assessment class, the suggested level and sub-level, and the date the assessment was completed

*We always recommend setting an English writing piece as a separate task after the English IA.

As always, your CENTURY Account Manager will be on hand to support you throughout the implementation process, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with them if you have any queries.