After creating an Assessment Cohort within Class Admin, a box at the top of the cohort page will show the assessments available to learners. To allocate an assessment to the cohort, click ‘activate’ next to the assessment name. The assessment will instantly appear on the 'My Path' page for learners listed in the cohort and they will be able to get started. 

If you wish to revoke learners’ access to an assessment (for example if the assessment period has ended and some learners did not complete the assessment), simply click ‘deactivate’. If learners in the cohort had made progress in the assessment but didn't complete it, their work will be saved. The assessment can be reactivated again so that they can complete it at a later date. 

Any learners that completed the assessment will no longer see it on their My Path page, whether it is activated or deactivated for them. 

Video: Activating assessments