To reset an assessment, you must first ensure that the assessment is still active.  You can do this by heading to the 'Assessments' tab and selecting the Assessment Cohort that contains the learner.

Once confirmed that the assessment is still active, select the reset arrow next to the learner's name. If you need to reset a learner's English and maths assessment, you will need to complete this action for both. To do this, simply click on the dropdown box and toggle the assessments between English & maths.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Upon clicking the reset button, you will be met with a message confirming that you would indeed like to reset the assessment.  Please note that any existing assessment data will be removed, so only click the reset button if you are certain that the learner will be retaking the assessment.

Once the learner re-completes their assessment, the result will appear in the assessments tab.