To view the results of initial assessments, any staff member can click on the ‘Assessments’ tab. Here, they will see each of the Assessment Cohorts and can click into these to view the progress or result of each learner’s assessment. You are also able to filter by assessment, as well as the current progress of assessments.

This data can also be exported from the platform should you wish to input it into your organisation’s internal systems.  


Upon completion of the assessment, learners will be provided with a ‘working towards’ level (visible only to staff).  This will be the level of the Functional Skills qualification that they should be working to achieve.


Smart IA will also provide learners with a sub-level. This is split into low, medium and high and aims to guide staff as to the degree of confidence the learner has within a specific Functional Skills level. For learners working to a ‘medium’ or ‘high’ level, the organisation may make the decision to place them on a higher level Functional Skills qualification.  This is solely a guide provided by Smart IA and decisions should be made at the organisation’s discretion.

Once a decision about a learner's level has been made, a course should be assigned to the learner's standard class.  

Video: Viewing Results

Video: Understanding Results