With small groups of learners in school

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There are various ways you can use CENTURY with smaller groups of learners, and some usage models you may like are:

Supported Learning

  • If you have a TA in your class, they can work with a small group on specific nuggets while you work with the rest of the class. 

Work through the RP Independently

  • Learners work through their pathway independently, with the expectation that they need to complete a set number of nuggets with the support of the teacher or TA if needed. Each nugget takes around 15 minutes to complete and learners can filter the subjects that appear on their pathway to work on specific subjects.

Align with weekly lesson plans

  • Set your learners' nuggets which align with your learning for that particular week and ask the learners to work through these nuggets independently, or with the help of a teacher or TA if needed. Once all of your learners have completed the nuggets, you can analyse the data in the Nuggets tab of the Teacher Dashboard to discover any class misconceptions. You can then use this data to inform your teaching. 

Discuss Questions as a Class

  • You can display the data from the Nuggets Tab on the board so that the class can discuss the answers, spot common misconceptions and work together to determine the correct answers. You can then work through the nugget as a class from your My Courses tab, or you can ask your learners to complete the nugget again using their My Courses tab before reviewing the data to check if the common misconceptions have been addressed. 

Learner Dashboard

  • Learners can view their own Learner Dashboard and review their Strengths and Areas for Improvement. You can then discuss any areas the learners should work on and you can then pick a nugget linked to their Area for Improvement for them to work through from their My Courses tab. 

Revision Prep

  • When using CENTURY to support revision, learners can use the feedback from their mock exams to discover their areas of weakness and use CENTURY’s My Courses tab to find nuggets to support their revision. 

Teaching Aid

  • You can use the learning material from nuggets as part of your teaching. Find the nugget in your My Courses tab and display the video or slideshow on the board or on the screen of an online class, and work through the content with your class. If you are using the learning material on screen during an online lesson, you can annotate the slideshow to expand on the material. You can then work through the questions as a group or ask individual learners to answer the questions. You can also set the nugget to be completed as homework if you do not have time to go through the questions in the classroom.

Carousel Learning

  • When setting a class activity, a small group of learners can complete the activity on CENTURY and you rotate the learners who use CENTURY each week to complete the task. You will just need to let the learners know the nugget to search for in their My Courses tab.

Supported Learning

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