There are various ways you can use CENTURY in after school or lunch time clubs, and some usage models you may like are:

Learner Dashboard

  • Learners can view their own Learner Dashboard and review their Strengths and Areas for Improvement and reflect on their learning/CENTURY usage. They can then pick some nuggets to work on and access it through their My Courses tab. 

Work through the RP Independently

  • Learners work through their pathway independently and they can filter the subjects that appear on their pathway to work on specific subjects.


  • Learners can complete any homework that has been set for them on CENTURY

Below are some helpful links:

Setting work using The Planner

Setting work using Assignments

Filtering the subject on the Pathway

Analysing data in the Nuggets Tab

Using My Courses to find specific nuggets

The Learner Dashboard - Teacher view

The Learner Dashboard - Learner view

Introduction to the Teacher Dashboard 

Change the colour overlay on CENTURY